Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

So Invited a few friends over for a holiday party.. Thus means shopping for drink and food and cooking and cleaning.. Planned out enough for 6-7 people cause those were the ones who said the would make it and a couple extras in case we had random stopper byes..

This also means spending the money to drink and food the guests.

So my rant starts here, I call a friend the first one who said she'd be here cause she asked if i wanted to go get fireworks.. This made me ponder fireworks why?? So I call her and BOOM she decided to have people to her place totally blowing me off and its like oh well I'm not going to stress it. It would have been nice for her to call ahead of time but oh well...And my best gay men can't come cause one is hurt and I totally get that.. totally cool. I hate being drug around when I'm sick or hurt too.

Realizing I should reconfirm the rsvps for the rest of the people one by one they either said oo we forgot we had plans with you and made other plans and we really cant cancel our new plans.. HOW RUDE! That I am stressed over and upset about. Not a single call on christmas from the people we call our close friends, and then this. It's like we have been deleted off the social phone tree.

See if we go out of our way for them as fast as we always have in the past.  I guess if we don't call then we are dead to the world cause everyone's fingers are broke and cars are dead.

So there my rant ends....!

So new year's resolutions for 2011.....

I am going to only give the correct amount of help to hose who give a proportionate amount back, I am going to enter this new year secure in the fact I am in a healthy relationship and that it is growing to be better and deeper each day. I am going to be more calm inside this year, not so quick to be upset or knocked off balance by the actions of others. I am complete within my feelings and my inner self, those that are in and those will come into my circle are there cause I want them there not because they have to be there. I am human I am me and I am healthy.

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k9mpnip said...

I'm sorry if I forgot to call you on christmas. But I do try to call you!! I do love you!! You know I'm always their for you! You'er my baby brother!!