Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ok so i call this pizza place and they say hello thanks for calling "pizza place" would you like to order a pizza? hmm no i wanted to get a loan to buy a house. yes i wanted a fucking pizza.

then i call an american company to ask for application info and they say would you like to hear this message in english i think well you are an american company so yes. then the message says thank you for calling our application office and then the rep. answers and first thing she says is " are you calling to apply for a job with "american company name".. no i said i was calling to ask about puppy dogs.

then i call a man to inqiure about a christmas tree and they answer the phone and the guy older than 30 from the sound of his voice says are you calling about the tree ??? i think no, im calling about the vacation to mexico i saw in yer front yard.. the one that said for sale call.

so i am at the conclusion one of two things are going on.. the world is on crack and only stupid people survived or god thought i needed a laugh.. so im going to go with the god answer at least that way I have a little hope for humanity left.

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