Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jobs are hard to come by

So, with demonstrations in the middle east, soaring unemployment in the United States, economies all around the globe are feeling pitfalls. What is going on?? Is this the downfall the "wackos" have been warning us about? Is this the darkness thats going to end life as we knew it. In the United States they have eliminated most of the middle class if there are any middle classers hanging on I say climb up the ladder or you're going to fall off the map.

What is the good of education that is supposed to open the door for bigger earnings when we have Master degree holding people driving taxi's and working drive thru's at McDonald's? Are you getting what you paid for? Are you getting what you went into debt for? I know i 'm not, I am in debt for school and still taking more classes building more debts and I will be in school debt when I die..

What can we do? Just keep going to classes and watch the debts pile up or do we stop going let loans go defunct? ARRRG what a world...

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Steven J said...

If the government would stay in its place and stop messing with the economy we might still be able to save it. But then we have to stop giving hand outs, and start giving hands up. For example it we would get people off welfare we could recoup a lot of funds.