Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The six week body makeover

So I am back on the six week body makeover. I got good results the last tie=me. I filled out to a healthy weight and gained some muscle so its a new year and time to do it again. So I am back to eating steak 3 times a day with chicken twice a day and egg whites and spinach for breakfast. Doing more water and little soda, and this makes me happy.

I also got the partner to do it with me, we decided to blog our daily feelings and weekly progress so others looking into the program can get an idea of what they might see. So lets begin...

Day 1 week 1

I am 29 years old
I am 5ft4in tall
I weigh 123 Lbs.

I made my dinner meal (5 oz lean steak, 2 cups veggies) and drank 8 oz of water.
I forgot how filling a meal that is. two hours later my pm snack was ready (4 oz. chicken breast, 1/2 cup fruit) and again I was full. I cheated though had 4 oz glass of milk.
No gym workout today, did the home exersizes for the required 18 minute routine for the day.

Since I started this at dinner time day 2 will always start at dinner.

I do need however a new tape measure and scale for body measurements. More to come tomorrow..

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