Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Tea Party

The tea party is group of undercover republicans posing as grassroots-everyday kind of people. It was founded by a republican strategist (Sal Russo), one its top donors is a republican activist (Mike Huckabee), and Jim DeMint, a republican senator, is one of its biggest supporters. It doesn't seem very "of the people" to me.

Those Tea Party protests at town hall meetings were real, regular, everyday people, but the idea, the "belief" that was instilled in their minds were created by [undercover] republicans. While the tea party maintains conservative beliefs and values (like republicans), its claim of being a grassroots movement is merely a ploy to appeal to the American people and gain their support.

I would think that a true grassroots, of-the-people political movement would claim independent/moderate. I believe they will have little to no effect on the American political system. If Tea Party people like Christine O'Donnell, who doesn't know what the first amendment states, (The phrase "separation of church and state" is usually traced to President Thomas Jefferson. In a letter in 1802, he referred to the First Amendment and added that it built "a wall of separation between Church & State." It is widely known that the first amendment is the source of the "separation of church and state" legal concept and goes back to the very founding of our great country. Very basic civics.) and Joe Miller (whos website now asks for donations to pay off his debts), who filed a federal lawsuit against Murkowski when he openly opposes federal power, keep running for office, I don't see the movement lasting too long. ( He openly opposed federal powers until they could be used for his gains...)

I think the "tea party" is a group who is only made popular by those who talk negatively about them. I think they will soon enough go back to being included back into their republican party and fade out. I do not think they are strong enough to provide a candidate for president unless they get someone like Sarah Palin who was brought to fame as Alaska's Governor as a republican who jumped to the tea party ship after being disgraced in her role as the vice presidential bid. She left the role of governor and has not successfully loaned her tea party support to candidates in Alaska such as Joe Miller.

I think the "tea party" would die if they were not given so much publicity by those who want to negatively impact them. If the media would just turn their cameras off of them the "tea party" would end and the flash in the pan would have stayed just that. I see it as a spoiled child they act out to get attention and its the attention that keeps them where they are. So when the question was posed to my entire class about there feelings on the tea party and you know only one in 56 thats right one in 56 said that the tea party is more than just a republican party undercover... So if thats your support 1 in 56 then your slowly going to die...

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