Monday, January 17, 2011

Who would you thank??

As I sit here looking at the end of completing my newest degree I am sitting here knowing i am six classes (27 weeks left roughly)which yes sounds like a long time to be thinking about the end but in reality to me its going to rush past me and I need to be ready.

I am thinking when asked who I want to thank in the commencement announcements who would be there? So after some thought and some practice here is my announcement:

Graduating BAEE Program Graduate name: ( I'm not tell ing you so we'll say Rave Puppy) would like to acknowledge the following people for helping him get to this milestone:

I First thank my Mother and Father who know how long I have followed this path and have witnessed the breaks and the triumphs in the road to success for me. I'd like to thank my partner for sacrifices he has made to allow me the space and support at home to pursue the goals I laid out so that our family can prosper at the end of the road. I'd like to thank my friends whom have been sounding boards, advice givers, proof readers, and above all stress relievers.

So who would you thank??

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