Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The six week body makeover

Week 1 day 2

Breakfast was made (4 egg whites, 1/2 cup greens, 1 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup fruits) hate egg whites... And had to sub grits for oatmeal today yuckies... the fruit was blueberries YUM! so this is breakfast for today on this makeover, tomorrow is steak and eggs for breakfast...

AM Snack today was made (3 oxz lean steak and 2 cups greens) and yummy! The steak was seasoned with salt and pepper rub and the greens was spinach with light olive oil and salt. YUMMERS! tomorrows am snack is chicken fingers with baked potato wedges.

made my lunch today 4 oz. chicken breast 2 cups mixed veggies and 1/2 cup rice. MMM the rare occurrence of chicken! a treasured rarity and coveted gift the goes bok bok bok. So keeping in mind i am eating every two hours the meals are close togeather but i find that i am hungry just before time and full right after with pleanty of energy to carry on.

So then on to the afternoon snack which is preceded by doing homework for school and housework was great (4oz chicken, 2 cups veggie) today. Enjoy the rare appearance of chicken to break up all the steaks. Watched the movie "Salt" while eating..

Dinner time!!! Made my dinner (5oz steak, 2 cup veg) drank my water and watched T.V. After dinner willbe my workout but im not going to go to gym to do it tonight im going to stay home to do it. Can we say flexible but not lazy tonight.

PM Snack now mind you the pm or what we call the midnight snack is usually a guilty pleasure or a light snack but to this diet it means 5 oz chicken and 1/2 cup fruit. a midnight snack that taco bell calls the 4orth meal. gotta love it... Nothing like trying to sleep with that much food just getting put in the belly...

and so its pm snack and then a 18 minute power workout at home not in gym yay!

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