Sunday, January 23, 2011

XMRV: Silence is not Science.

Watch the three videos in order.. It is a great way to get the foundations you will need to gain an understanding of the virus and what it does. Now read the blog;

A newly discovered retrovirus may be the explanation for old diseases. But there were clues that this existed going back to the 1980's. Government inaction over the past few decades has caused this retrovirus to spread widely in the general population and blood supply. This epidemic is at least 10 times the size of HIV/AIDS.

They say it's spread by blood & bodily fluids, but not sure if sexually spread? At least 50% of family members in a family where one person has been diagnosed test positive. CDC dropped the ball in1984 after Lake Tahoe outbreak, calling it "Mass Hysteria. Definitely in US blood supply; SO many suffer w/ condition; financial disaster of unprecedented proportion if Fed. Government forced to pay for all the costs. So they cover it up. Surprising?

Not really because news like this isn't popular. Reagan (and the rest of our government) went the two terms of his presidency without once mentioning HIV/AIDS while the epidemic took off globally. It grew into what would be a harder to control illness as they did nothing. HIV/AIDS has grown beyond medical reasoning because it was not attacked when it first popped out on the radar. In the UK, the psychiatric ('it's all in your head') treatment plan dominates ME/CFS, keeping hundreds of counselors & physiotherapists employed. And hundres and thousands of people tourtured and locked away against their will without chance of getting out. They control the entire £11m CFS/ME research budget. There are some dedicated, underfunded and amazing doctors who believe CFS/ME is a biological condition, but they are not being heard. There's no money in it if the testing becomes firm and the condition gets solid and the test for infection becomes as common as the HIV test is today. So why listen?

The US Govt's PNAS paper by Lo & Alter was mentioned at the Zagreb conference and said to have found XMRV in a greater % of samples than the Lombardi paper. This was in press but when the CDC were about to publish their negative study (proved only their inability to find XMRV), Alter was told to modify it to bring it in line with the CDC study. He removed refs to XMRV so that the paper, published 2 months later, only talked about the MLV sequences, while the CDC study was published immediately. Lo and Alter have never explained why they presented at Zagreb that they had found XMRV in a majority of ME patients but they then changed it to MLVs not including XMRV. (Wonders how much the CDC paid for blood and silence) It doesn't seem credible that that was a mistake in the conference presentation as these are very sophisticated and careful scientists. ( What dirt did the CDC find that they don't want to let out?) Meanwhile, millions suffer and are left to lay in their dark secluded rooms praying that the hurting and slow agony of death will end. Many have already died and become nameless faceless victims of the CDC's lies and there "smoke and mirrors" sideshow of errors.

Listen to that heartbreaking honest appeal for help for those who need it due to this murderer that has gone unchecked and non-researched for years. Imagine its your mother, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter, co-worker, father, grandfather, brother, husband, boyfriend, domestic partner... Now imagine its your child speaking and ask yourself how can you listen to this and still not be moved? Can you still not take action? How many people must die or suffer silently in this new age death camp not unlike the suffering of the victims of the Nazi holocaust? Read the Open Letter to Dr. Elizabeth Unger, new Chief of Chronic Viral Diseases Branch. Read the wonderful use of terms such as the raising of their middle finger to the people who suffer and ask why are you not moved? Read the suggestions such as "There is an alternative. We cannot wait ten years for science to grind outs its conclusions. Every person in the world who believes that CFS is important should send $10 to the WPI. I plan to send $10 today. It may not be much, but it is a start." read that and ask what can I do?

The CDC releases a site, DANGEROUS LIES are hidden there if tyou don't educate yourself to know better.. We can not afford for this to stay marked by the term "The band played on", we must stand up for those who can not stand up literally or figuratively for themselves. We that are able and have the energy must stop hiding in the sand and ask ourselves " Why do we not care for those around us?" I am standing up, I stand for one person who can not stand, I will take up arms to fight until my body says it can not stand. But when I fall who will stand up in my place?

That's only part of the issue who is standing up for those who can't why is there such a stand still in our society to help those who need it? I bet if XMRV research or care for the patients was a tax they took from your paycheck you'd wanna know the who what when where why how of it all... So why not know those all to often ignored answers when its just for the help of your fellow human beings? Osler's Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic is a fascinating resource, my ground work in my understanding came from there. I also can say I know paitents of CFS/ME and XMRV and have gotten to learn from them first hand. I can not imagine my body slowly saying I quit, I'm done. I am afraid of that feeling.

I am keeping up on the WPI site as well to learn everything that I can about the how it the why the what and so forth until the energy to study is no longer there and the ability to stand up is passed on to the next generation. This is something that we can not ignore, you cant brush it under a rug like it is not happening, they tried that and it did not work, it only made a backlash.

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